Adventure Activities and Treks

Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing, Obstacle Rope Course and Forest Treks – on offer are a range of exciting adventure options at Park Woods Shoghi. The activities are facilitated by our experienced in-house adventure instructors who have undergone training and obtained certification from the Mountaineering Institute, Manali.  High safety standards are maintained and the best quality of equipment is used. The adventure is exciting for adults and great fun for children.

These activities also form part of team building and leadership workshops, outbound training and OBT Programs during team outings for corporate groups.

The entire infrastructure for the adventure activities is available within the verdant Park Woods Campus.

Adventure Videos
Snippets of various adventure activities at Park Woods Shoghi (Shimla).

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
He challenged his untapped potential. Defied gravity.
To the question, “Can you do your own stunts?”
He answered, “I not only rock, I also climb!”

Valley Crossing
He embarked on an inner journey. Towards a new beginning.
To the question, “Are you ready for the world?”
He answered, “I unleashed much more than I expected!” 

Obstacle Course
He found a new playground.
To the question, “Why do you always feel caged?”
He answered, “No more…the essence of spirit is freedom!”

Forest Treks
He chanced upon blissful wilderness. To discover himself.
To the question, “Can you find a different path?”
He answered, “Aah, I have marked a fresh trail!”