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Just relax in a hammock with a book, put your feet up, enjoy the bird-songs, get fascinated by enchanting sunsets and revel in an offbeat vacation or enjoy an informal corporate team outing! The forest treks and hikes infuse adventure in the sojourn. Try pottery making, an interesting first time activity.

At Park Woods’ sprawling 7 acres, a destination resort near Shoghi Shimla, experience myriad shades of the flora and fauna – tall oak trees, spectacular mountain views, mesmerizing sunsets, red billed magpies, the animated call of the barking deer, misty mornings, dew kissed forests, verdant valleys, undulating hills, moonlit nights and the star spangled sky!

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Pottery Making
His transformation into an Urban Potter.
To the question, “Would you rather be driving your SUV?”
He answered, “No, my pottery wheel. To experience rural utopia!”