Dining, Restaurant, Cuisines

Madra House, the indoor restaurant with soothing views of the emerald valley and pine forest offers delicious food and delectable dishes. Madra is one of the most famous delicacies in Himachal Pradesh. Multiple eating venues at Park Woods Shoghi Resort makes having meals always an interesting affair. The dining hall also has a rooftop machaan which is favored by many. Some guests love to get their food packed and trek to a nearby meadow for a picnic lunch.

Park-Woods-Shoghi-Dining Parkwood-Shoghi-Green-Top-Machaan

Madra House, the dining hall, is the center of activity at meal times.
The Green Top Machaan over the restaurant is very popular for a lazy, appetizing lunch.

Parkwoods-Shoghi-Morning-Tea Parkwoods-Shoghi-Breakfast-Outdoors

Guests are pampered with morning tea served in the rooms.
Many prefer breakfast in the winter sun while enjoying views and watching the birds.

Parkwoods-Shoghi-Red-Roof-Machaan Parkwoods-Shoghi-Bonfire

There is always the option of having some tea and tasty snacks at the Red Roof Machaan in the serene ambiance of floating mist or dappled sunlight.
For many visitors, the highlight of their stay at Park Woods Shoghi is a bonfire and barbecue evening under the starry sky with the moon peeping thru’ the pine trees.