Staycation Resort Amidst Nature

A new buzzword going around is staycation (long stays+vacation). You lead your normal routine life staying in a scenic locale for an extended period and part indulge in a vacation and end up having a staycation! At Park Woods Shoghi in the Shimla suburbs at the foothills of the Himalayas are on offer attractive staycation holiday packages and reasonable longstay deals.  

Happy to inform our guests that our nature resort is open now.
The Himachal Government has announced that now E-Registration and Covid Negative Certificate is not required for interstate travel to Himachal Pradesh.
Park Woods Resort is a safe hotel in Shoghi. It adheres to Covid Safety Protocols following safety norms with social distancing and maintains a clean, hygienic and sanitized environment in the precincts of the hotel.  

But what would you do here at Park Woods Shoghi, a nature resort located amidst a pine forest surrounded by emerald forests and verdant rolling hills?

Yoga, meditation, cycling, nature hikes, lazing in a hammock?

Read a book (the old fashioned printed version with the smell of aging paper) while relaxing under a tree, organize those jumbled words racing around in your brain into a beautiful poem?

Take lovely photographs of woodpeckers, khaleej, magpies, barbets, mesmerizing sunsets and misty valleys?

Reinitiate yourself into painting – watercolors, oil, acrylic, charcoal the medium you lean towards?

Uninhibitedly belt out old Hindi songs letting your melodious voice waft across the undulating valley?

Or just doing nothing in an untethered blissful existence while at the same time start reliving a life?

Your Home In The Mountains

Park Woods Resort in Shoghi offers a comfortable staycation amidst pristine nature. Each individual accommodation unit (cottage, tent) is separated from each other and spread across the property allowing comfortable social distancing.  An opportunity to get away from the crowds or the confines of four walls.

The resort has ample open spaces and is ideal for laid-back vacations.
Make this your temporary home for now. A chance to check out if in your later years such a lifestyle is what you would want, with a holiday home in the forest or perhaps a retirement abode in the mountains.